About Joanne & Making Babies

Hello my name is Joanne and I am a qualified and practicing midwife, hypnotherapist and N.L.P practitioner. My experience as a midwife has given me an incredible and unique insight into all aspects of caring for women and their families during the antenatal, birthing and postnatal period. I am extremely privileged to share these experiences with women. As a result of this I felt I wanted to give something back to women and their families.

Whilst the NHS provides excellent care for women, I felt pregnancy and childbirth have become over medicalised and perhaps the wonders of modern medicine has taken away a woman’s belief and trust in her body and innate ability to birth her baby naturally. As a result I made a decision to research into alternative ways for women to approach all areas of pregnancy, birth and the postnatal recovery. My interest led me to hypnotherapy.

As a midwife and hypnotherapist I am dedicated, committed and strongly believe I can help women re-establish a sense of power and give them confidence in themselves to create a positive birth experience. As a midwife talking to my patients about their pregnancy, birth experience and helping them to adapt to motherhood, it became apparent that not all not all women perceive pregnancy and the birthing process to be a positive experience that it can and should be. Indeed some women found some areas to be traumatic and even stressful.

Qualified Midwife, Nurse, Hypnotherapist and practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. (BSc Hons Midwifery, RM, RGN, D.M.H. D.Hyp, P.N.L.P. A member of the UK Guild of Hypnotic Examiners.)

My Aim

Is to make pregnancy and childbirth the best experience possible, I can empower women to have the pregnancy and birth they desire and deserve. I want women to feel relaxed, calm and remain in control of their minds and bodies. I believe women should embrace the experience and not merely endure it. A huge aim of mine is also to help dispel any myths that women have heard regarding birth. I am aware that women share their experiences of pregnancy and childbirth and for some reason, which I don’t understand, people frequently like to tell pregnant women horror stories of labour. I am here to reassure women that these experiences are not inevitable and that women have the power within to control their experiences of pregnancy and childbirth.

Women experience many anxieties over many issues whilst pregnant so I have created various CDs ranging from conception, to pregnancy relaxation, to birth, postnatal recovery. All women want the best for their babies so I have devised CDs to help women stop smoking and also to help breast feeding. My midwifery experience and qualifications have given me the knowledge and a solid basis to deliver facts to women on the changes they experience during pregnancy. I am able to give them an insight into their developing baby. Women can be confident and assured that as a midwife any information I relay to them is accurate and advice is safe.

‘Happy mums mean happy relaxed babies’