5 Steps to True Relaxation

5 Steps to True Relaxation

This is a proverb that I feel best sums up the necessity of true relaxation. For me, true relaxation is when the mind and body are completely calm; when they’re both in a state of complete rest. The women I meet are often amazing at juggling so many aspects of their lives, but terrible at staying still. They’re always on their mobiles, on their laptops and on the go, stimulated the whole time. They’re always in a state of time-related stress.

True relaxation can have enormous health benefits not just on fertility, but generally. It can help you reduce your blood pressure, lower your cortisol levels and think more clearly. Have a look at my top 5 tips on how to truly relax:

1) Make Time to Relax

Only you know your schedule, but it’s up to you to make that time. Clearing out at least 20 minutes a day for relaxation can make all the difference.

2) Learn a Stress Reduction Technique

Each person has a technique that works best for them, so try as many as possible and see what suits you. Breathing, mindfulness, meditation, or simply being still are just some of the techniques you can use to relax.

3) Find some Space

Try and get away from everyone once in awhile, and have some time alone with just you and your own thoughts.

4) Get out into Nature

Just getting out in the fresh air, sitting and listening to birdsong and your surroundings can be really restorative!

5) Go to Bed Early

People really underestimate the value of a good night’s sleep! It has tremendous effects on both your hormonal balance and your body in general.

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